Our Vision

iSENSYS builds technology suited for collecting data based on a project’s needs. We do this by utilizing our mechanical, electrical, and software engineering expertise, in order to create our complex bots. iSENSYS aims to use these unmanned systems in order to aid conservation and environmental efforts!

By creating Follow the Bot, we hope to educate the public on environmental and conservation efforts in the community.

Meet Our Team

Chandler Griffin Chief Technology Officer and President Insert Bio Lauree Griffin Chief Executive Officer Insert Bio John Koos Chief Operations Officer Insert Bio Kevin Short Director of Business Development Insert Bio Bryan Berrett Director of Engineering Insert Bio Derek Brust Production Manager and Field Technician Insert Bio Matt Koos Software Engineer Insert Bio Sean Sweeney Chief Pilot Insert Bio Amanda Brust Biologist Insert Bio Jo-Ann Rosario-Llantin, PhD Marine and Environmental Research Officer Insert Bio